Eyal Avidov: A blow to Mobileye: BMW-Mercedes cooperation canceled

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The world’s strongest autonomous automotive partnership has broken into two rival groups: BMW will develop autonomous vehicles through collaboration with Mobileye and Intel, and Mercedes will develop a competing system with Nvidia

Behind the collaboration between Nvidia and Mercedes announced this week, there is a fierce battle between Intel / Mobileye and Nvidia on the autonomous vehicle market. A fight that was responsible for canceling the most important cooperation agreement in the German auto industry, between BMW Group (BMW Group) and Mercedes (Mercedes-Benz AG). A week ago, the two companies announced that they were discontinuing their cooperation in developing autonomous driving technology.

They said that, following a joint review by the two companies, a decision was made to temporarily suspend the cooperation, including contracting with third parties to which the companies were connected in the autonomous vehicle sector. These also attended their technology providers.

“We have systematically developed our technology together with Intel, Mobileye, FCA and Ansys,” said Autonomous Car Project Manager at BMW, Klaus Freilich. “Our platform has very good potential and is based on sensors and very powerful computing power. It is a strong modular system that will meet market demands for many years to come.”

The decision cancels an agreement signed between the two German auto industries in July 2019, under which they planned to jointly develop Level-4 autonomous driving systems, which include the use of driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving on motorways and autonomous parking. The two companies planned to undertake a joint work of 1,200 engineers from both companies, which will develop a common architecture, including sensors, processing and a common database. This agreement put Intel and Mobileye, and to some extent also Innoviz, at an excellent opening position to control the German future car market.

BMW is a long-standing customer of Israeli Mobileye. She is a partner at Intel Development Center set up in Germany for autonomous vehicle development and is a key customer of the Israeli Innoviz company that is expected to provide LiDAR sensors for use with ADAS and autonomous vehicles, starting in 2021. BMW also collaborates with Leaders in building a global map through the information that comes from the cars, which will be used for autonomous driving and advanced mobility services.

Mercedes Group Development Manager Marcus Schaefer said the company had come to the conclusion that it needed to focus on car digitization, “so we are exploring other options, with partners coming from outside the auto industry.” The picture became clear the following day: Mercedes and Nvidia announced cooperation in developing a car computer and autonomous driving software for the L2 level, which will start entering Mercedes cars by 2024.

The new architecture will be based on NVIDIA DRIVE, which is an open-source software system that works on a Nvidia computer. Under the plan, every new Mercedes car will have the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin computer, which is a dedicated artificial intelligence computer that performs up to 200 trillion calculation operations (200TOPS) per second.

The decision also expresses a partial withdrawal from the idea of ​​autonomous driving, as Level-2 level refers to reduced requirements and very far from self-driving. It is defined as semi-autonomous and includes the use of driver-assistive systems (ADAS) that have the ability to control steering and acceleration and braking but require a human driver at the wheel. To illustrate, Tesla’s Autopilot system and General Motors Super Cruise system are L2-level systems.

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