The state’s struggle with its citizens and vice versa costs money

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Who has not heard about the fight of state institutions against corruption, crimes, harassment, various crimes but not free because the state has the right to law and impose taxes. What do we know about laws when in school and high school the first steps are taken in breaking the law and fraud?Citizenship and Participation

What do we know about the mentality of the teachers who teach us and what we can do in the face of drugs, violence, sexuality, pornography consumed by adults from teenage sources? What fight could it be about and what are the costs to stop this continuous infusion of money?

All principles disappear in the face of the need for fast money and yet restrictive. Jobs contain increasingly complex and time-consuming tasks in contrast to the current needs of the generation that wants flexible hours and a different approach to life. How many of the jobs correspond to the power of employment among young people who do not think about getting hired just because they have parents and if they do not have then they find sponsors? How many young people want a business of their own?

Now all these problems and the lack of opportunity in access to funds, jobs, restrictions are the object of fighting and damaging the citizen state relationship. Who will lose?

The citizen, of course, because he has only at hand the idea of justice that costs, is bushy and as it is to be respected. How much does this closed circle actually cost with what effects? I hate you but I have to pay you. Isn’t that right?


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