Eyal Avidov: ALL REASONS to Buy “BLUE & WHITE”

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By Eyal Avidov

Duet to the economic crisis in Israel we should buy “Blue and White” “Blue and White” products are Israeli industrial products. We recognize such products

Using the standard “Manufactured in Israel” character marked on them

Reduce unemployment– Unemployment is a job scarcity issue, especially at this time following the Coronavirus crisis. This is a very undesirable situation for those who are unemployed and have no income for their family members, and also a very undesirable situation for the entire country. We want to live in a country that has more jobs and fewer unemployed people who cannot make a living on their own. When we are buying Israeli products, we provide work to factories and reduce labour shortages

The product we buy manufactured in an Israeli factory, the factory provides work for many people. Sometimes, if there is no purchasing power, the plant may shut down and its employees will not make a living especially during times of economic crisis like the Coronavirus impact

Care about the residents of the periphery- Many Israeli industrial plants located in far areas from the center of the country, areas that do not have much employment. When we purchase blue and white products, we allow a wide range of people to work and provide employment for people located in far areas. In these, we help reduce gaps between the center and periphery areas.

Keeping profits at “home”- When we pay for a product, the manufacturer of that product makes money. On these profits, he must pay taxes to the country these the country’s incomes increasing. the State of Israel earns from our purchases. It’s worth all of us.

Israeli industry protects workers- Israeli industry has laws that require employees to work in fair working conditions. Among other things, there is a minimum wage, pay for extra working hours, every employee is entitled to vacation days, child labor is prohibited, and more.

Unfortunately, a lot of countries in the world don’t respect workers’ rights. So, when we buy an imported product, we don’t always know what working conditions and wages will produce it. Does the country where manufactured the product retain workers’ rights?

Customizing the product for you– The Israeli manufacturer knows the local consumer and adapts the product for him.

Quality and competitive prices– Israeli industry has proven, in many cases, local products are at least as good and high quality as imported products and often outweigh them. In addition, many Israeli products are sold at a competitive price compared to imported goods of similar quality.

Blue and white is also green– Israeli production helps to protect the environment. When buying a local product, fewer ships and aircraft are used to import products from distant countries. The savings generated in transporting goods reduces fuel use and helps reduce environmental pollution. The Coronavirus crisis proved it pretty well


In summary, especially these days, there is tremendous importance for encouraging the Israeli economy and industry

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