Eyal Avidov: Rafael won a research tender for the development of the “Transparent Battlefield” in Germany

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Rafael won a research tender for the development of the “Transparent Battlefield” in Germany

 Rafael reported this week that it has won a research contract from the German Ministry of Defense (BAAINBw), together with the German company Atos as the main contractor, for research and development of “transparent battlefield” technologies that will support operational dynamics

The aim of the study is to develop real-time connection and transmission capabilities, while combining advanced anti-tank and unmanned aerial vehicles, in order to improve real-time, dynamic, and operational capabilities in order to improve maneuvering capabilities in the field.

The German military seeks to develop capabilities combined by systems that can create a “transparent battlefield” image, using a number of autonomous systems, based on advanced communications systems, all as part of tactical combat teams. The development of the future project is expected to be completed by 2025.

Yoav Vermot, head of the IT department at Rafael:  “The current battlefield is undergoing far-reaching changes that affect the operational needs of the combat forces at sea, on land and in the air. Rafael knows how to bring innovative applications to the table that enable real-time response, such as closing fire circuits Means of response.

“The assimilation of these systems in the German army will lead to fundamental changes: they will provide infrastructure for communication and visual language between the various units, not only for the German army, but also for allies and other armies, so that the connection will create a kind of unified network.”

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