Press Release – Extraordinary meeting of #NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs

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Press Release

1 March 2022

PR (2022) 050

Extraordinary meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs


  1. An extraordinary meeting of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs will take place at the NATO Headquarters on Friday 04 March. The meeting will be in person and will be chaired by the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg.
  2. This media advisory marks the opening of online registration for accreditation.


  1. The Secretary General will brief the press around 12:30 CET on 04 March, after the meeting.
  2. Please visit this page regularly for updates and additional media opportunities.
  3. Please contact the individual delegations regarding the media engagements of ministers.  A list of delegation press officers is available from the NATO Press & Media Section (


  1. In order to comply with COVID-19 safety measures, the number of media representatives at NATO HQ may be limited. NATO will facilitate remote coverage and interaction during the Secretary General’s press conferences.
  2. Media representatives who wish to cover the event in person at NATO HQ need to seek accreditation, except if they have annual accreditation at NATO. This is an extraordinary meetiing, so last-minute accreditation is not guaranteed.
  3. The public opening remarks from the ministerial, the Secretary General’s press conference and other public events during the meeting can also be followed online.
  4. Briefings by national officials may be by invitation only. Any national events that are open to all media will be announced on CCTV during the ministerial meeting.


  1. Visual journalists will have pool access to meeting openings and the official ‘family photo’. A limited number of pool cards will be available and should be requested by email before the start of the ministerial meeting, at
  2. If you accept a NATO pool position you must share immediately all information and material collected while in the pool with any accredited media that request it. You will share the material at no charge and with no restriction on the use of the material for news purposes.
  3. You can only accept the pool accreditation if you have the agreement of your employer to all of the conditions on providing pool material listed above.
  4. Media organisations that want pooled images should first contact the wire service / photo agency of which they are a client. Media representatives and news organisations must identify that it is pooled material every time it is used. Pooled material can only be used for legitimate news purposes and it cannot be sold.


  1. NATO will provide broadcast quality video in real time on EBU World feed or to EBU News Exchange.
  2. NATO photographers and videographers will provide video clips and photos of all public events during the ministerial meeting. Photos can be downloaded from the NATO website. The video files will be available for free download from the NATO Multimedia Portal.
  3. The Secretary General’s press conference will be broadcast live on the internal closed-circuit television system and can be viewed in the press working area as well as on the NATO website. The press conference will also be available via EBU. Audio recordings of the press conference interpreted in English and French, as well as transcripts in English will be made available on the NATO website.

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