#Russia and #China Falsely Accusing Use of #BiologicalWeapons Against #Russians, Say Officials

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Russia and China Falsely Accusing Use of Biological Weapons Against Russians, Say Officials
March 10, 2022 | By David Vergun

The United States is not assisting Ukraine with biological weapons in its war with Russia and there are no indications that biological weapons are being used by Ukraine, said a Defense Department official.

Two senior defense officials held an on-background press briefing at the Pentagon today.

There are five biological research laboratories in Kyiv. Their work focuses on diagnostics, therapeutics, treatments, prevention and vaccines, not on military use as the Russians and Chinese accuse, the official said.

“There are no DOD bio-weapon labs in Ukraine or anywhere else in the world,” the official said.

The Biological Weapons Convention effectively prohibits the development, production, acquisition, transfer, stockpiling and use of biological and toxin weapons.

It was the first multilateral disarmament treaty banning an entire category of weapons of mass destruction. The United States, Ukraine and Russia signed onto it in 1972 and all three ratified it in 1975.

Situation on the Ground in Ukraine  

The Russians have moved about five kilometers closer to Kyiv since yesterday and are now about 40 kilometers east of the city, the official said.

There are multiple lines of advancements toward Kyiv, with the assessed intent of encircling the Ukrainian capital. However, their progress to do so hasn’t been effective, the official said.

Security assistance continues to flow into Ukraine from the U.S. and NATO allies, the official said.
Spotlight: NATO

“The Ukrainians are putting up a very stiff resistance,” the official said.

The Ukrainians still have most of their fixed wing fighter aircraft available to them, the official said.

The Ukrainians are very effectively using surface-to-air missile systems and anti-armor munitions to slow the Russian advance, particularly in the north, the official said.

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