New #Europol and #EMCDDA Analyses of the #EuropeanDrugMarket

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New Europol and EMCDDA Analyses of the European Drug Market

Coming soon: latest analyses of Europe’s cocaine and methamphetamine markets

Published on: 29 Apr 2022

Drug trafficking is a highly profitable commercial activity and remains a core business for organised crime groups across Europe today. Understanding the reality of the European drug market requires a holistic approach, following the supply chain from production and trafficking to distribution and use.

Taking such an approach, two EU agencies, Europol and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), have joined forces to provide their latest overview of the European illicit market for two stimulant drugs: cocaine and methamphetamine.

To be presented in Brussels on 6 May, the analyses combine data from Europol’s operational intelligence on organised crime with the EMCDDA’s drug monitoring system.

These are the first in a series of online modules exploring the EU drug market. Further modules will be published in 2023 to complete the strategic analysis. These will cover amphetamine, cannabis, heroin, MDMA and new psychoactive substances, as well as impacts, drivers and responses.

A press release, with the main highlights on cocaine and methamphetamine, will be available on 6 May.

Press conference

Date: 6 May 2022
Time: 10.30 Central European Time (CET/Brussels), 09.30 (WEST/Lisbon).
Venue: Résidence Palace, 155 Rue de la Loi, B-1040 Brussels (Polak room). or

Press contacts

Europol press — Tel. (31) 703 02 50 01
EMCDDA press — Tel. (351) 211 21 02 00 | (351) 935 994 027

The EMCDDA–Europol EU drug markets analysis is released every three years. The last report was published in 2019.

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