#Breaking: #OferSegal is with #EyalAvidov and #ShlomiOphir at ‎#Nalaga’at Center

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It was a great #Impact to present In Car Eye ‘s unique #in_cabin #tech solution to avoid #distraction while #Driving by #texting/ using #mobilephones and our vision for safer usage in the future #autonomousvehicles
We were born on purpose to help decrease #caraccidents as a result of distraction while driving and we do it better than others

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Our applause to the great team of ecomotion.community that organized an amazing powerful Gala Event with the top-level #investors and to the investors who came to listen to our #pitch
I must say it was exciting to be hosted by https://nalagaat.org.il, they are so AMAZING
The British News Agency News247WorldPress recommends the event and those quoted as professionals in the field.
Source: Eyal Avidov
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