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The Ilfov County Council, in whose radius the three retirement homes now under investigation are located, argues that the institutions subordinated to a CJ do not have the right to control private homes.

“What we can do is monitor people, but only in the centers where they are taken by us. DGASPC Ilfov has some centers that are subordinated to us, which we monitor, we effectively control all the time”, said Hubert Thuma, president of CJ Ilfov.

The reason why CJ Ilfov sent elderly people to private homes is to avoid overcrowding in DGASPC homes. “The law obliges us not to have more than 50 beneficiaries in a center. As a result, DGASPC Ilfov was to contact these social services from private providers”, explained Hubert Thuma

The President of CJ Ilfov made these clarifications on the evening of July 6, 2023 and resumed them on July 7. Also on July 7, the Minister of Labour, Marius Budăi, had a press conference in which he claimed that the responsibility for the homes that are now under investigation lies with CJ Ilfov.

Also on July 7, 2023, Prime Minister Ciolacu asked the Minister of Labor to dismiss the leadership of two structures subordinated to the Ministry of Labor: “I ask the Minister of Labor that today the leadership of ANEPIS and the management of AJPIS Ilfov be dismissed.” Also, the prime minister asked the leadership of CJ Ilfov and the leadership of the Sector 3 City Hall to dismiss the officials who lead the social assistance structures.

In parallel, the Public Health Directorate (DSP) Ilfov announced that it carried out controls in 2021 and 2022. In these two cases, DSP Ilfov imposed fines against the management of nursing homes. The DSP is subordinate to the Ministry of Health.

Florentin Pandele, the mayor of Voluntari and also the husband of Family Minister Gabriela Firea, attacked the spokesman of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Vasile Banescu, who speaks about the lack of responsibility in the case of horror asylums, in a text that can be interpreted as targeting Gabriela Firea, although he does not pronounce her name for a moment.

Pandele believes Banescu was referring to his wife.

Original Source: https://adevarul.ro/stiri-interne/evenimente/tortura-in-azile-primarul-din-voluntari-sotul-2282101.html



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