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Our full name is the International Criminal Police Organization and we are an inter-governmental organization. We have 195 member countries, and we help police in all of them to work together to make the world a safer place.

To do this, we enable them to share and access data on crimes and criminals, and we offer a range of technical and operational support.

Who makes up INTERPOL?

The General Secretariat coordinates our day-to-day activities to fight a range of crimes. Run by the Secretary General, it is staffed by both police and civilians and comprises a headquarters in Lyon, a global complex for innovation in Singapore and several satellite offices in different regions.

In each country, an INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) provides the central point of contact for the General Secretariat and other NCBs. An NCB is run by national police officials and usually sits in the government ministry responsible for policing.

The General Assembly is our governing body and it brings all countries together once a year to take decisions.

Saudi Arabia supports digital transformation of international police cooperation

10 July 2023

Americas: New joint initiative against human trafficking and migrant smuggling

5 July 2023

Investigative support for cybercrime

Suspected key figure of notorious cybercrime group arrested in joint operation

5 July 2023

Wildlife crime: extradition of prominent trafficker to face prosecution in Tanzania

29 June 2023

Policing with a gender perspective

9 June 2023

Innovation and enhanced data-sharing key to countering emerging security threats

9 June 2023

14 terror suspects arrested in African operation

9 June 2023

INTERPOL and UNICRI release blueprint for responsible use of AI by law enforcement

8 June 2023

INTERPOL conference: “Heightened urgency” as police leaders discuss global crime threats

7 June 2023

INTERPOL issues global warning on human trafficking-fueled fraud

7 June 2023

Privacy in innovative police cooperation focus of INTERPOL data protection officer conference

5 June 2023

Global operation identifies 1,426 potential victims of human trafficking

1 June 2023

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