#Breaking: “Today’s #SupremeCourt judgment is no surprise.” @SuellaBraverman

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Today’s Supreme Court judgment is no surprise. It was predicted by a number of people close to the process.

Given the current state of the law, there is no reason to criticise the judges. Instead, the government must introduce emergency legislation. 1/3

The Bill must block off ECHR, HRA, and other routes of legal challenge. This will give Parliament a clear choice: control illegal migration or explain to the British people

why they should accept ever greater numbers of illegal arrivals settling here. 2/3

Those who – like me – believe that effective immigration control is vital must understand that they cannot have their cake and eat it:

there is no chance of curbing illegal migration within the current legal framework. We must legislate or admit defeat. 3/3

Source: Suella Braverman MP @SuellaBraverman

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